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How to drive a car on ice

There are a number of rules for driving a car during icy conditions, as well as other useful tips, the implementation of which will protect motorists from such an undesirable fate.
The first thing that can help in the fight against ice is your car. This applies in particular to winter tires. Winter tires, according to some classification, are divided into 2 types. The first group includes rubber, which has a large tread pattern. Such tires will be effective when driving on a snowy road, but not in icy conditions. The tread pattern must be finely divided and also have metal spikes.
If your car has rear driving wheels, you can’t advise a lot: the car skips whenever possible. However, owners of front-wheel drive cars are not much more fortunate. Sometimes you can succumb to a sense of control on the road, but if you press the brake, the car becomes uncontrollable. Owners of a front-wheel drive car should remember that when cornering, slow down in advance before turning.

Your safety on the road depends on you.

The first thing that is vitally necessary to be able to do is to brake correctly during ice. In the event of an emergency, you reflexively want to press the brake pedal to the floor. And this is the worst thing that can be done on ice, because when the wheels come to a complete stop, the car starts to slip and completely loses control. Most modern cars are equipped with an anti-lock braking system, which prevents the wheel from stopping during braking. This is a pretty good system, but you shouldn't always count on it.

The best way to brake is engine braking.

To do this, you need to remove your foot from the gas pedal, but not abruptly, and switch to a lower gear, the car starts to brake. Intermittent braking is also effective in this case. It consists in briefly pressing the brake pedal. In this case, it is necessary to avoid strong and prolonged pressing.
Maneuvering. Here there is one single rule: when performing a maneuver, the steering wheel must be turned, firstly, by a small angle, and secondly, do it smoothly, avoiding sudden movements. Otherwise, you risk losing control of the car without changing direction.
The withdrawal of the car from skidding. When driving in icy conditions, you cannot sharply turn the steering wheel, especially when the clutch is depressed, shifting the gear, maneuvering or braking. The slightest sharpness leads to skidding and rotation. This is a big danger, since you have no control over the car, which can roll anywhere. When all wheels are locked and you are in a skid, change the braking method quickly. Release the brake pedal and reduce engine speed. Remember to turn the steering wheel in the direction where you intend to continue driving. This is important, because after releasing the lock, the gas supply can pull the car towards the inverted wheels. Another danger in itself is fraught with white plastic, which markings are applied on the roads. During rain, snow and ice it becomes especially slippery. There is a high probability of a car skidding if the wheels hit it. If it is necessary to maneuver on such a marking, then be sure to slow down.
Last but not least, safe speed and distance. This is perhaps the most important point to pay attention to. Driving on ice is also distinguished by the fact that the distance should be significantly increased, since the braking distance, compared to summer dry weather, increases up to 8 times. For example, at a speed of 40 km / h, the distance should be about 80 m. Do not be afraid to move slowly, if necessary. Do not exceed a reasonable speed limit, even if you are in a rush.

How to drive a car in the rain

How to start a car in frost

For the inexperienced driver with a recent driver's license, driving in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow will be a real challenge. Weather events strongly affect road safety. Of course, all drivers are advised not to drive in bad weather, but often in our modern life, it is almost impossible. You almost always need to travel either for work or for other important matters. In any case, the driver of the car 

is exposed to bad weather, such as heavy rainfall. For a beginner, such a situation may even cause some kind of panic, because before that he traveled only on dry asphalt. The main thing here is not to get confused, to be very careful, to drive at low speed in order to prevent an accident. In this article we will try to consider some tips,
• Tip one - try not to get too close to the car that is moving in front of you. Typically, its rear wheels splash large amounts of water, which limits your visibility to the road.
• Tip two - if you are overtaken on the track, turn on the fast mode of the wipers. It is also advisable to slow down, because a car that overtakes can spray you with water. Then a situation may arise that you may lose sight of the road for a few seconds, which will entail various troubles.
• Tip three - you saw a puddle in front of you, be sure to slow down. Since large splashes limit the visibility of the road, and there may be holes in the puddle itself. If the puddle is still huge, then you can ruin the engine by flooding it with water. After driving through the water, it is recommended to dry the brake pads in the following way: by pressing the brake pedal several times.
• Advice four - if a strong thunderstorm caught you on the way, you do not need to stop near the trees. It is better to choose an empty seat, but not so close to the track and be sure to turn on the hazard lights. These tips for a thunderstorm will protect you from many troubles.
• Fifth tip - when driving in heavy rain, you must have fog lights on.
• Council six - in order to urgently slow down in front of the car in front of you, you must choose the optimal speed of the car. No need to do sharp and thoughtless maneuvers, acceleration and braking. It is important to remember clearly that other drivers also see you quite poorly.
• The seventh tip is the most important. Never overtake vehicles with heavy rain and poor visibility of the road.

How to start a car in frost

When the thermometer unexpectedly slides well below zero, an unpleasant surprise awaits car owners: on a frosty day, starting a car that has been parked all night in an open parking lot or in an unheated garage can be difficult.

In the cold, the battery power decreases, so it is not able to turn the starter at the required speed. Diesel vehicles are particularly affected by the loss of battery power. Before parking your car overnight, you should warm up the car well .
To recharge the battery, it is better to ride at least half an hour, not including additional electric consumers - heated rear window and seats, high beam, powerful audio system. Before starting the car in the morning, turn on the high beam for a minute - this will warm up the battery, in which chemical processes around the plates are activated. The main thing is not to miss the moment when it's time to start the car, otherwise you can drain the battery.

Starter .
The starter cannot, and it is pointless to turn on for more than 20 seconds. If, after two or three attempts, the car does not start, wait a few minutes and then repeat the series. If the engine does not come to life after many attempts, leave the car alone. There may be no malfunction - most likely the temperature is too low. If absolutely necessary, tow the car to a warm garage and try again while warming the car.

Clutch and gearbox.
In cars equipped with a manual gearbox, you need to start the engine by pressing the clutch pedal. By isolating the gearbox from the engine in this way, you will facilitate the work of the starter. After the car is started, keep the pedal depressed for another minute, and then smoothly release it.


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