Privacy Policy

Dear user, the privacy policy or the usage policy for the "seventh day" site is changeable,
 and any changes can be applied to it at any time, so you should review this page periodically 
to learn about the privacy developments on our site.

You should know that information and data can be collected automatically through the use of text
 files (cookies). They are small text files through which the basic information 
used by the seventh day site is used to determine the frequent uses of the site. 
We may use this information to follow behavior and collect aggregate data in order to improve
 the site, target ads and evaluate the overall effectiveness of such ads.
 And any data that you type such as name or email to benefit from some of the services on the site,
 such as adding comments

Opinion data is the data that the site may need as a kind of improving the user experience
 to get to know your opinion about what can be modified or added to the site to get 
an enjoyable browsing experience on our site, and it is not considered personal data 
but it is some information that explains your suggestions to develop our site.

If you prefer not to collect information through the use of text files,
 you can follow a simple procedure through most browsers,
 which enables you to refuse the feature of downloading text files. However,
 you should note that the services directed to you personally may be affected
 if you choose to disable the text files option.

When the seventh day is provided with any data and information for users, especially in
 "citizen journalism," the information provider's information is not published 
until after its approval of the publication.

As for some other links that may be found on our site, they are completely safe links
 and they come through the advertising agent, that is, they are only advertising links, 
they can not cause you any harm in any possible way.

If you need more information or have questions about our privacy policy, please feel free
 to contact us by the following email.


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